Name Change Newsflash! & Dragon’s Captive, Dragon Called, and more!

NEWSFLASH: Cassie has a new shared pen-name! 

Cassie Lockharte is the shared pen name of bestselling romance authors Cassie Alexander and Kara Lockharte. Little did Kara and Cassie know when they met at a writing workshop in 2007 they would become the paranormal powerhouse of Cassie Lockharte, combining Kara’s fun and fast-paced plotting with Cassie’s angsty heroes and steam, to bring readers a hearty and heart-felt brew of hot men, strong women, and astoundingly dire yet somehow still exceedingly sexy situations for them to escape from.

Our first exciting book out together is Dragon’s Captive!

Sammy O’Connor didn’t mean to steal a dragon’s necklace…she just kind of did.

Little did she know that the viciously hot and muscled Rax Janvier would come to claim it — and her — and that he would be willing to do anything to get it back. It’s a fragment of a key that opens up a lock to his past — and hers.

Can she survive being kidnapped by a sea dragon who’s obsessed with her? And what happens if she starts to want him back?




Dragon Called is the first book in Cassie Alexander’s newest series, written together with coauthor Kara Lockharte!

It’s always a bad idea to fall for a hot mysterious billionaire with a spooky castle.

Especially when you find out he’s a dragon.

Night nurse Andi was desperate for money to bail out her idiot brother from jail. A one time nursing gig seemed like the perfect deal: lots of cash, no questions asked.

But when her employer, who turns out to be the notorious billionaire Damian Blackwood, saves her from a monster, there’s no forgetting what she saw — not his insanely superhero physique, not the hungry way he looks at her, like she’s some priceless treasure to be possessed, and definitely not the fact that he’s got another hidden self; he’s an honest-to-god dragon.

Andi knows the dragon shifter’s secret and he’s definitely far from pleased.

After a night of monsters and madness, he takes her home in his fancy sports car and….asks her for a date.

The expensive well-tailored suit can’t disguise the carnal promise in his eyes and wildness in his savage smile.

The gorgeous alpha dragon wants to claim her, ravish her harder and more fiercely than any human ever could.

And a part of Andi wants him to.

What if she says yes?

If you loved sinking into the magical worlds and the slow burn romance of Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson or Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series, but always wanted more fun sexy scenes, look no further! One-click and start this addictive new series now!

Cassie Alexander’s Nightshifted series:

Welcome to the secret wing of County Hospital—where vampires get transfusions, werewolves have silver allergies, and one nurse is in way over her head…

Cassie Alexander is the author of the Edie Spence urban fantasy series, focusing on new nurse Edie, who’s been forced to work at a secret floor for supernatural creatures at her local County Hospital. As Cassie is a nurse in real life, most of the medical stuff is accurate, except for the vampires part. (Not that she hasn’t had patients who could have been vampires, though!)

Links for purchase are available on the left hand side under the book covers. All of her books are available or will be shortly in Germany, France, and the Republic of Czech.

Nightshifted Moonshifted Shapeshifted Cover Deadshifted Bloodshifted

BK1.1 Dark Ink Tattoo E-Book CoverDark Ink Tattoo is a hot new paranormal romance series:

Angela, Dark Ink’s owner, has a secret – she’s a werewolf who used to run with the Pack, a dangerous drug-dealing motorcycle gang that services Vegas’s seedier side. She’s been free for the past seven years, ever since her ex-boyfriend (and Pack leader) Gray went to prison – but when the Pack starts threatening her shop she realizes she’s on borrowed time.

Dark Ink’s best artist refuses to show up before sundown – because he’s a vampire. Vegas is the perfect place for Jack – it’s an endless buffet of strangers to bleed. The only thing that haunts Jack more than his hunger is Angela….

Will Angela ever trust Jack with her secret? Will Jack be able to protect Angela from the Pack?


Sleeping with Monsters & Tales from The House

Haunted Final Cover Hunted Final Cover Hated Final Cover The House

Cassie’s also written the Sleeping with Monsters series, about strong women and the dangerous creatures they love, and The House, a choose your own erotic adventure novel.

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