I’ve been meaning to make an official content/trigger warning page for awhile, but as I’m on the cusp of a website revamp I hadn’t prioritized it, sorry! Here’s everything for right now though, and I’ll make things flow better later <3

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FAIR WARNING, from here on out, SPOILERS ABOUND!!!!

Bend Her: A Dark Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Romance is an MF romance, and contains consensual BDSM with assorted impact play, and annoying, “Goddammit, he’s always right, that fucker,”-dom-ing, and is thematically similar to Kushiel’s Dart, if you remember the book.

Blood of the Pack's Cover

Content Warnings for the Dark Ink Tattoo Series:

The Dark Ink Tattoo series is a dark paranormal romance with explicit sex scenes and sexuality, along with on page violence. (For a TV Show reference, think Sons of Anarchy, mixed with the full frontal of Spartacus or the sexy times on True Blood.) I don’t think this is a trigger, but just in case, over the course of the series it contains MM, MF, FMMMM, FFM, and FF pairings. Consensual BDSM is both referenced and on page, as is knotting. In addition to that:

Blood of the Pack has references to a past sexual assault.

Blood at Dusk has a short scene of a plot-relevant, sexual assault (this is the one in the past referenced in the prior book), and a plot-relevant moment of homophobia (that’s immediately dealt with.)

Blood by Moonlight has a scene of mind-controlled-by-a-vampire sex.

My Ex-boyfriends Werewolf Lover

Tonally, her Ex-Boyfriend’s Werewolf Lover is also a dark paranormal romance, involving sex and violence. Sex work is mentioned and practiced, there’s a brief plot-relevant sexual assault on page in a flashback, and there’s on page consensual BDSM and knotting. Contains MF and MM scenes.

Her Future Vampire Lover

Her Future Vampire Lover has my normal level of sexual drama and violence and consensual BDSM. Contains MF, FF, and FFM scenes.

Rough Ghost Lover

Rough Ghost Lover is ALL ABOUT THE SEXUAL DRAMA and has a TON of consensual BDSM. It does NOT have an HEA. It should be considered erotic horror–I wrote it to be like a sexy version of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. (Yes, really.) Contains MF, FF, and FFM scenes.

The House: Come Find Your Fantasy Inside

The House is a select your next scene book (kinda like the ones we read when we were kids) written in the 2nd person, where you, as a reader, get to go through the sexual experiences of The House. Inside The House, there are scenes of: intense but consensual BDSM, MF, MM, FF, FFF, FFM, MFM, massive orgies, roleplay, masquerades, and knife-play. FOR EACH OF THESE SCENES THOUGH the reader is given the option of an out. I was highly sensitive to the fact that reading in 2nd person makes the reader more ‘responsible’ for their choices, and I didn’t ever want a reader to be trapped in a scene they wouldn’t enjoy reading, seeing as this book is really a smorgasbord of fun, kinky, occasionally intense, stuff.


AITA? is my one-off happy rom-commy book, a FF paranormal romance set in the present day. It contains a character dealing with alcoholism, one brief MF scene, multiple FF scenes, tail sex, wings, and cheating.

Bend Her

(this is the temporary cover)

This is the book/series I’m working on now, but as it’s up for pre-order it’s worth mentioning. It’s set in a fantasy world, it’s Beauty and the Beast meets Kushiel’s Dart with a dash of Howl’s Moving Castle. Content warnings include an extremely patriarchal society, spankings, and consensual BDSM.

The Prince of the Other Worlds series: Dragon Called, Dragon Destined, Dragon Fated, Dragon Mated

The only content warning for these books is that they’re very hetero for me, heh. MF only, and there’s light consensual BDSM over the course of the series, as the main characters’ relationship intensifies.

The Wardens of the Other Worlds Series: Dragon’s Captive, Wolf’s Princess, Wolf’s Rogue

More hetero goodness.

Dragon’s Captive: warning-wise, kidnapping and a lot of the open sea, if that’s something that gives you heebies like it does me.

Wolf’s Princess utilizes virginity and fake relationship tropes.

The Edie Spence Series: Nightshifted, Moonshifted, Shapeshifted

Edie works on a floor for vampire-exposed humans. I’m a nurse in real life, and nurses love these books because they’re as medically accurate as I can make them. That can be a pro for some people, and a con for others. They’re more urban fantasy than my normal fair, still high drama, medium violence, but much less sex, and only MF pairings. Some moments of body horror over the course of the series as well and light references to cannibalism, seeing as one of the characters is a zombie.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be sure to keep this page updated! If, as you read, you find something that didn’t occur to me to mention, but that I should have, please let me know, thank you!