Prince of the Other Worlds

Hot, fun, and including a talking cat, the Prince of Other Worlds series is about Damian Blackwood, a prince from another world cursed by a dragon, and his fated mate Andi Ngo, a very human Chinese-American nightshift nurse whose past is wrapped up in Damian’s future.

A Prince of the Other Worlds Short Story Prequel

Who sends cat pictures in a dating app?

When dragon shifter billionaire Damian Blackwood is pressured into testing his new company’s dating app, the last thing he expects is to find is an actual connection…

Weird work hours make normal dating near impossible for Nurse Andi. When a colleague recommends a new dating app, Andi signs on for some fun, never thinking it would go far…

Can you begin falling for someone you’ve never seen? And who has only sent you cat pictures?

Blood of the Pack's cover

Andi Ngo hasn’t met a bad decision she won’t make, but this one might turn out to be the best bad decision of her life…

Desperate for money after her deadbeat brother left her holding the bill for his bail bond, night nurse Andi agrees to take on a mysterious one-time nursing gig. When she finds out her employer is ruthless billionaire and all around asshole Damian Blackwood, she’s determined to get the job done and get out as quickly as possible.

But nothing is as it seems, when a monster attacks and she is saved by an honest-to-god dragon. A golden scaled, sixty foot long, violent dragon…who is clearly Damian’s other half. Her world is spun sideways but she can’t forget the way he looked at her, like coveted treasure he’s desperate to steal away for his hoard. The way he reacted when she discovered his secret. The way that when he was human again he…asked her for a date.

Fierce and independent Andi doesn’t trust easily. The expensive suits, fancy cars, and spooky castle can’t hide the truth: Damian is extremely dangerous, not to mention a monstrous beast.

She should say no. But what if she says yes?

Andi doesn’t do feelings and she definitely doesn’t do dragons.

Andi is familiar with making bad decisions. For once in her life, she’s making the right choice, the safe choice. But why does it feel so wrong?

Andi Ngo saw something she shouldn’t have: a world filled with monsters, magic, talking cats…and giant, fire-breathing dragons. She didn’t need a crystal ball to know that she didn’t belong in it, so she walked away from destiny.

But now that she’s back to her depressingly mundane existence as a night nurse and chasing down her troublesome brother, she can’t help remembering everything she saw and felt with Damian: all consuming passion and a connection. Feeling like she mattered, that someone saw her for herself, and wanted her for his own.

When she discovers a new dangerous magic threatening her patients, there’s only one person who might be able to help her. Can she risk going to Damian? One might walk free from a dragon once, but twice?

Blood by Moonlight's cover

Andi Ngo tried to walk away but destiny kept calling. Time will tell if fate made the right choice.

Although she tried to make the right decision to protect herself and her heart, Andi couldn’t resist the pull of Damian Blackwood, billionaire, dragon shifter, and secret assassin. Now both she and Damian (and his dragon) couldn’t be happier. She’s certainly not complaining about dating a gorgeous, intense, and savage man who fulfills her every fantasy. For the first time in her life Andi feels treasured. Despite their many differences, like her Chinese-American upbringing and his life in another realm, one with magic and dragons, she and Damian fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

But the edges of a harsh reality are creeping in fast. Dark secrets from her family’s past, truths they never told her, are threatening to destroy their newfound love. Danger lurks around every corner in Damian’s complicated world. And the weight of their collective pasts might drag them down before they have the chance to soar.

Blood by Moonlight

Andi knew taking a chance on love with a dragon might be a risk, but she never guessed that the greatest threat would come from herself.

As a human, falling in love with a dragon shifter was always going to end in tears. Damian Blackwood’s dangerous world of magic and assassins was never going to be safe for a mere human night nurse like Andi. But she couldn’t have predicted that the darkest secrets would come from her own family. Secrets so devastating that they change everything for Andi and the man she loves. Her dragon mate.

Andi will do whatever it takes to protect him, even if it means destroying their love.

Even if it destroys her, too.

NOTE: This is the final book in the Prince of the Other world series! Happily Ever After guaranteed! Talking magical cat included!