A Killer Date!

A Killer Date!

I’d hazard that most of y’all didn’t know I write writing a work-for-hire novel for Tapas, because I was kind of keeping it under wraps…but it’s out in the world now, and I’m so excited to get to show it to people!!!! Here’s A KILLER DATE

Here’s the blurb:

Everyone identifies themselves a certain way—by their job, by their outlook, by their location. College student Elle can see the label that best sums up a person floating above their head, and when she looks in the mirror, the word she almost always sees is “matchmaker.” Among her circle of friends, she has a nearly perfect success rate for setting up excellent flings, summer romances, and long-term relationships. She can also spot liars and cheats at one hundred paces, thanks to her gift.

And then she meets the one person whose identity she wishes she couldn’t know. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time throws her together with Byron, a ruggedly handsome, if tortured, guy—oh, and he has the word “killer” floating over his head! Elle is terrified, but she also feels like she has an obligation to do some detective work and figure out what Byron’s deal is. Eventually, Elle is drawn into Byron’s world, including a criminal organization known as the Syndicate. But she’s really in trouble when she realizes she’s drawn to him, too.

I’m pretty dang thrilled, this is my first work-for-hire type experience. They gave me the story bible and then let me run with it, and the whole experience has been a blast. I love having invested editors to bounce ideas off of — it’s honestly been like a dream.

You can check out the first thirty chapters, HERE, now! :D