2700 new words tonight. Could have written more if things hadn’t Happened today. Had a lovely lunch, then weird/sad personal things ate up a bunch of time (I’ll mention them later, once we see how things turn out). Then I finally went to go write at my favorite tea shop downtown, only to find that their wifi was “turned off” and instead they were offering 8 ethernet ports, as a courtesy to protect their patrons from “wifi caused cancer.”

Note to other coffee/tea shops in the area — if you’re annoyed by laptops, never offer free wifi. If you’re too cheap to pay for wifi, pass it on to your patrons. Most of us gladly will. I really liked this place — I’d have considered paying a $5-10 laptop surcharge, if they wanted to make it exorbitant. Please don’t use shitty fake science to pretend that you’re saving me from imaginary consequences, if you ever want me and my reliable and quite expensive tea habit to ever darken your door.

It shouldn’t have been a big thing, but after the afternoon i’d had, it was the final straw. I walked around some, brain buzzing, got a mocha of sorrow elsewhere where it was too crowded for me to write, a massage of sorrow (which did help my shoulder) and a burrito of sorrow to eat for dinner tonight.

Then i hung out with my husband, while we both tried to not be worried about Happenings, and comfort one another discreetly, so as not to draw attention to the things that Happened. There was cake, and there was 4 episodes of Larry Sanders, and then he went to bed, and i got back to work.

I read this article about protecting your work, by Jennifer Cruisie awhile back — it’s a good one, and very true. It’s really easy to have your mind be diverted by entirely reasonable things, and eat up all those free cycles your writing brain needs, even when you’re not writing, for processing work. While some things are too momentous to be ignored, I need to start to try to suck up about the little things, and just go with it and move on. (Or complain about them here, which is like lancing a wound ;P ;))

Tonight’s business socks are these ones. (Last nights were these ones, for reference.) I did well tonight. I have a writing date set for tomorrow. We’ll see what else Happens.