So I went down to the ED on Christmas morning (like at 3 AM) on my break and got a prescription for the meds for scabies, and filled it at the 24 hr pharmacy this AM after work. While I still think i don’t have it, anything’s better than wondering if i do have it every time i itch for the next two months. My husband’s witty quip was that at least i didn’t get bitten — because then i might have gotten scrabies.

So now we’re home, post-applying topical insecticides, hanging out in our pajamas, watching TV. We saw Black Swan tonight with friends — it was fantastic. I loved how it paralleled Total Recall. (I kid. Mostly.)

Last night’s writing while on break at work, I was concentrating on call backs. Now that i’m sketching out the end of book 2, I’m trying to make sure everyone who got included at the beginning has a good reason for being included at the end, and have an arc. It helped, because I got down a lot more stuff that needed to happen. (Clearly so and so is here, to do this thing that i forgot to include, but now need!) And then I realized that one whole character doesn’t get a call back, and indeed that the end of the book is too busy to wedge them in when they’re not really a player in this book. As much as I reallllly reallly like them and I already wrote all this lovely Introducing This Character! stuff for them. Drat. But better to know now then later. (Maybe they’ll get into book 3? I console myself.)

Back to work most of this week. But I got a peek at our next month’s schedule. Off, off, and more off. Zero extra shifts. I can’t wait :D.