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The Dark Ink Tattoo series — a scorching paranormal romance in the vein of Sons of Anarchy, with werewolves, vampires, and where everyone’s queer!

Blood of the Pack: Dark Ink Tattoo Book One out wide, and AVAILABLE ON AUDIO via Scribd!

Blood at Dusk: Dark Ink Tattoo Book Two — is ALREADY OUT ON AUDIO at SCRIBD!

Blood by Midnight: Dark Ink Tattoo Book Three

Blood by Moonlight: Dark Ink Tattoo Book Four — releases on 5/8/22!

Blood at Dawn: Dark Ink Tattoo Book Five– releases on 8/8/22!

And the ENTIRE DARK INK TATTOO series is being serialized on Radish HERE.


(And now, on Audio, at Scribd!)

Sapphic FF PNR romcom with an HEA!

the cover of AITA?

Dear Schmedit:

This past weekend my fiancé (24M) and I (23 F) were at a party at a friend’s and I’ll admit we both got pretty wasted….

Apparently sometime that night he asked me if it was okay to summon a demon for a threesome before our wedding, and according to him, I told him, “Yes.”

I don’t actually remember this happening so clearly? But his friends must have heard me—because a week later, they’d all pitched in to have a Delectably Demonic ™ summoning kit delivered to our house for him.

I want to put my foot down, but that would make him sad. I think he was really looking forward to it after I told him it’d be okay—and his friends really did spend a lot of money on this thing. It’s top of the line, and they can’t return it. You know how demons are.

So I kind of feel like a jerk. I mean, I did say yes, and I don’t want to let him down.

If I tell him no . . .

AITA? is a sizzling sapphic romcom based on instantly recognizable internet lore.

With Kara Lockharte:

The Prince of the Otherworlds Series — sexy paranormal romance

Dragon Called, Dragon Destined, Dragon Fated, Dragon Mated And the ENTIRE PRINCE OF THE OTHERWORLDS SERIES is serialized on Radish as My Billionaire Dragon Boss.

The Wardens of the Otherworlds Series — sexy paranormal romance

Dragon’s Captive & Wolf’s Princess

More solo Cassie Alexander titles!

Bend Her — a dark fantasy romance

(this is the temp cover!)

Bend Her, available for pre-order everywhere, coming out early 2023

Her Ex-boyfriend’s Werewolf Lover — a sexy paranormal romance

Her Ex-boyfriend’s Werewolf Lover & and on Radish HERE!

Rough Ghost Lover — a sizzling erotic horror — DOES NOT HAVE HEA

Rough Ghost Lover & and also on Radish HERE.

The House — a find your fantasy erotica

The House & one possible playthrough on Radish HERE!

Her Future Vampire Lover — futuristic vampire paranormal romance

Her Future Vampire Lover & and on Radish HERE!

The Edie Spence urban fantasy series — currently will be re-released Fall 2022!






A KILLER DATE, out on Tapas now! 

Serialized on Tapas four times a week, A Killer Date is about a girl who can people’s deepest truths over people’s heads and the assassin she really knows she shouldn’t fall in love with.

Written as Cassandra Alexander:

cover of Year of the Nurse

Year of the Nurse — Cassie’s 2020 pandemic memoir