Wardens of the Other Worlds Series

Standalone novels based off of the Prince of the Other Worlds series, involving beloved characters yearning for their own happily ever afters.

Blood of the Pack's cover


Sammy O’Connor didn’t mean to steal a dragon’s necklace…

she just kind of did.

Little did she know that the viciously hot and muscled Rax Janvier would come to claim it—and her—would be willing to do anything to get it back. It’s a fragment of a key that opens up a lock to his past—and hers.

Can she survive being kidnapped by a sea dragon who’s obsessed with her? And what happens if she starts to want him back?

Featuring a sea-dragon, an orca-shifter, and a telepathic octopus side-kick.

Rough-and-tumble Austin knows better than to flirt with his best friend’s younger sister—she’s a princess, part-dragon, and 100% off-limits—he just can’t stop himself.

Ryana Blackwood, Princess of the Realms, is coming out of the worst break-up of all time and looking for a rebound. Luckily, her werewolf friend Austin checks all her boxes: he’s hot, easy, and nearby.

So when Ryana asks him to pretend to show her what a real relationship is like…how on earth is he supposed to resist? But what is he supposed to do when she realizes she’s too good for him? And how can she convince him when it’s not a game to her anymore?

Wolf’s Princess is a sweet yet incredibly sexy paranormal romance between two complicated people who are fated mates—they just don’t know it yet.

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