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Interviews and Reviews in English for Bloodshifted:

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Interviews and Reviews in English for Deadshifted:

“Alexander’s fourth installment, Deadshifted, opens up a whole new world of intrigue and adventure for nurse Edie Spence. Drama and humor go hand in hand as Alexander pays quite a bit of attention to our lovers’ angst-filled relationship. Though the conflict is slow to build, once it erupts the story moves sure and swift, leading to a shocking ending that will leave readers reeling.” ~ RT Book Reviews

Deadshifted is reviewed at Nocturnal Book Reviews

Deadshifted is reviewed in the Midwest Book Review (Harriet Klausner): “…the exciting storyline engages the readers as series fans will appreciate this taut tale and its shocking finish.”

The Book Tart hosts a Google Giggle Chat with Cassie and is giving away one of the Edie Spence books (ends 01/18)

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The Qwillery interviews Cassie.

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Reader to Reader reviews Deadshifted.

Night Owl Paranormal reviews Deadshifted, calling the Edie Spence books, “Urban fantasy at its finest.”

Deadshifted is reviewed by Fangs For The Fantasy.


Interviews and Reviews in English for Shapeshifted:

“Shapeshifted is the third Cassie Alexander novel I’ve read, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. Edie Spence, Alexander’s nurse protagonist, has a real talent for getting into trouble and somehow getting out of it, but each time she seems to have sacrificed something, even if it’s only her couch. And she’s so often sleep-deprived, I worry a little about her patients. But Edie is loyal and tough and determined, and these are all characteristics you want in an urban fantasy hero, which she certainly is. In this book, Edie finds her mother has cancer, and Edie wants some vampire blood to cure her. But Edie’s being shunned by the supernatural community. How’s she going to get it? A loose plot point or two get tied up in this book, but other threads are left open. We can all look forward to what happens next.” ~ Charlaine Harris

“Alexander’s series third takes her noir urban fantasy to a new level with more gritty action, light romance and wicked humor. Quick pacing, a well-plotted storyline and realistic characters will hook you. The end result is a lively and addictive story that leaves you wanting more.” ~ RT Book Reviews

“The third Edie Spence urban fantasy (see Nightshifted and Moonshifted) is a fast-paced noir as the heroine, who tried but failed to stay out of the fray, needs to jump into the fray. Filled with action and noirish humor, series fans will enjoy Edie trying once again to save her world but as Asher asks who saves Edie.”  ~ Midwest Book Review

Shapeshifted is reviewed and Cassie is interviewed at Between Dreams and Reality (scroll down for the English version, which follows the French)

Cassie talks about The Donkey Lady in her guest post at Lori’s Reading Corner

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Interviews and Reviews in English for Moonshifted:

Moonshifted is reviewed by Publishers Weekly

Moonshifted is reviewed by RT Magazine! :D

Angieville’s review of Moonshifted

Fangs for the Fantasy does a super thorough of Moonshifted

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Moonshifted (and Mary-Louise Parker) are Caught on the Cover by RT magazine.

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The Book Tart reviews Moonshifted and interviews Cassie about her time with the Red Cross

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Book Sake reviews Moonshifted (nurses reading my books is pretty much my favorite thing, ever)

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Cassie talked to Kristin at My Bookish Ways about Moonshifted

Urban Fantasy Investigations investigates Moonshifted and finds it good! ;)

Rabid Reads reviews Moonshifted — and is also running a gift giveaway based on gifts from my etsy favorite list

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All Things Urban Fantasy reviews Moonshifted

And I talk about My Favorite Bit from Moonshifted over on Mary Robinette Kowal‘s blog


Interviews and Reviews in English for Nightshifted:

The Redoubtable Pat Rothfuss reviews Nightshifted over on Goodreads.

Nightshifted gets called out (in a good way!) on Heroes and Heartbreakers in an article about Experienced Heroines: Stopping Slut-Shaming One Book at a Time

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Interview with Cassie the Debut Review — bonus sex scene question ;)

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Interviews and Reviews in German:

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Alice in Bookland’s Video Review of Moonshifted

Lazy Literature interview

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