The House – Tales From The House

The house coverThe House is a place where all of your desires can be realized — all you have to do is open the door.
Will you unlock the room with two men waiting to serve you? Or the one with dom inside?

Which mask will you choose to wear to the ball?

Who will you be for the night – and how many people will you sleep with along the way?

The House is a sexually explicit erotic adventure novel that lets you choose your path.

It includes intense scenes of BDSM, bondage, spanking, MFM, FFF, orgies, etc.

The House has a door for everyone inside — especially you.

The House, Available Now!

The House 

You are a modern woman recently on the outside of a rough marriage after a rougher divorce.

While immersing yourself in the business of putting your radically different life back together, you receive a small package in the mail. Convinced that it belongs to your rental’s prior tenant and dismayed that they left no forwarding address, you leave it on your kitchen table for three days with good intentions to contact the landlord – after you finish unpacking and forwarding all of your own bills.

It is not until the fourth night that you realize that it is indeed addressed to you.

You pick the package up and take it into your living room. There’s something inside that moves when you shake it but it doesn’t feel fragile. Alone on your couch, you cut through the tape sealing the box and open it up – upside down. A key falls to the floor at your feet, and when you flip the lid of the box, you notice a note on fine stationary pressed inside.

The key is strung on a ribbon. It is silver, ornate, and delicate and looks like it was meant for a very fine jewelry box. You question just what it does open – and why someone would be sending it to you. You pick the key up and set it on the coffee table you just bought at a thrift store earlier in the evening.

The note, like the package, is addressed to you by name. It’s on the type of paper that you only see in movies, linen with frayed edges so thick it’s almost fabric, which seems to give the words written on it greater weight.

The Master of the House has chosen you.

This key opens the House and all the doors inside. You will be in complete control of all your experiences in the House – and what you find there will exceed the heights of your imagination.

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you — all you need to do is bring me back my key.


In the bottom of the box are two airline tickets. One to the House, and one back. The flight leaves tomorrow.

Will you take it?

Make your choice.


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