The Sleeping with Monsters Series

Haunted Final Cover Hunted Final Cover Hated Final Cover

The Sleeping with Monsters series, about strong women and the dangerous creatures they love….

The Haunted — an erotic ghost story —

Daphne Vance’s life is perfect — she’s a beautiful, devoted wife, and her husband has just bought her a vast countryside estate to start their family in. But when her husband leaves on a business trip, it doesn’t feel like she’s alone in the mansion — she can feel eyes watching her, and hot hands trailing up her thighs. The domineering spirit of the mansion’s former owner is still present — and when she discovers her husband cheating on her, she doesn’t want to resist the Master anymore….

The Hunted — an erotic werewolf thriller —

As a call girl, Samantha never hoped for a happily ever after until she met Vincent. It didn’t matter that he was a mobster, for seven years their life was perfect – then he was betrayed and brutally gunned down by other members of the family. Now she’s on the run for her life, and the only thing she has to remember Vincent by is a silver locket with the phone number of a stranger folded inside – that leads her straight into the arms of Vincent’s werewolf ex-boyfriend.

The Hated — a vampiric science-fantasy —

Confined inside a magnificent palace, Queen Ilylle chafes at the sheltered life she leads. Her council rules in her stead – she’s never met her people, nor been allowed outdoors. She won’t even get to choose her King – her council’s brought in a warrior trapped in stone for her to be married to in a ritual ceremony. Releasing her King from stone early, she’s horrified to realize he hungers for her blood — and more – but he’s the only one who can teach her how to escape confinement and fight her council’s treachery.