Dragon Called: Prince of the Other Worlds Series

Welcome to the Price of the Other Worlds series — a sexy slow burn urban fantasy romance with an amazing HEA! 

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From Dragon Called:

It’s always a bad idea to fall for a hot mysterious billionaire with a spooky castle.

Especially when you find out he’s a dragon.

Night nurse Andi Ngo was desperate for money to bail her idiot brother out of jail. A one time nursing gig seemed like the perfect deal: lots of cash, no questions asked. Even when her employer turns out to be the notorious billionaire Damian Blackwood, Andi is determined to keep quiet and finish the job.

But when Damian saves her life from a monster, there’s no forgetting what she saw — not his insane superhero physique, not the hungry way he looks at her, like she’s some priceless treasure to be possessed, and definitely not the fact that he’s got another hidden self; he’s an honest-to-god dragon.

Andi knows the dragon shifter’s secret and he’s definitely far from pleased.

After a night of monsters and mayhem, he takes her home in his fancy sports car and….asks her for a date.

The expensive well-tailored suit can’t disguise the fire in his eyes and wildness in his savage smile.

She should say no.

What if she says yes?

From Dragon Destined:

I did NOT fall for a hot mysterious billionaire who is actually a dragon.

Nope. Not at all. Not in the least.

Night nurse Andi Ngo is back to her mundanely real life – finding her stupid brother who went on the lam the moment she bailed him from jail.

But she can’t forget her date with the Damian Blackwood, not because he’s cut like her hottest dream, not because he’s a billionaire, and not even because he’s secretly a dragon.

For just a few delicious moments, Damian didn’t just make her feel like she mattered, like he actually cared, like she could be his…

No, better not to think those thoughts.

But when dangerous magic threatens her patients, Andi doesn’t know who else to turn to.

One may walk free from a dragon once, but twice?

Andi’s only mortal after all…

From Dragon Fated:

That billionaire dragon-shifter I’ve been trying to avoid getting involved with?

Yeah, I pretty much failed there…and I’ve never been so delighted.

Sure, he’s intense, good looking, and ripped in all the right places, not to mention the deliciously savage way he claims my body, marking me as his.

Despite our clearly very different backgrounds, me an American-born Chinese nurse, him, a dragon-shifter from another realm, against all odds Damian Blackwood gets me in a way that no one else ever has.

Certainly not my family, who’s never told me the truth about my past.

I don’t know where I fit in with Damian’s life of fighting monsters and assassins.

I knew he had secrets — but now I have them too.

And if I’m not careful, my secrets could destroy us both.

From Dragon Mated:

I always knew getting involved with a billionaire dragon shifter would eventually involve broken hearts.

I just didn’t know that I would be the one doing the breaking.

My family’s secrets are devastating, dangerous  — especially for a dragon.

To keep him safe, I have to destroy us, but that will destroy me.

I don’t want him to save me.

I can’t have him save me.

But he will save me.

Because that’s who he is.

My dragon mate.