the cover of AITA?You ever read those Am I the Asshole (the AITA? of the title) posts on Reddit–where the internet goes to let other people judge whether or not they’ve been a bad person, and wonder, gee, what would happen, if I had to write in?


Dear Schmedit:

This past weekend my fiancé (24 M) and I (23 F) were at a party at a friend’s and I’ll admit we both got pretty wasted….

Apparently sometime that night he asked me if it was okay to summon a demon for a threesome before our wedding, and according to him, I told him, “Yes.”

I don’t actually remember this happening so clearly? But his friends must have heard me—because a week later, they’d all pitched in to have a Delectably Demonic ™ summoning kit delivered to our house for him.

I want to put my foot down, but that would make him sad. I think he was really looking forward to it after I told him it’d be okay—and his friends really did spend a lot of money on this thing. It’s top of the line, and they can’t return it. You know how demons are.

So I kind of feel like a jerk. I mean, I did say yes, and I don’t want to let him down.

If I tell him no . . .

AITA? is a sizzling sapphic romcom based on instantly recognizable internet lore.

Basically, this book comes from the world’s cutest idea — what if your fiance wants a 3-some before your wedding? What if you say yes?? And then what if you fall for the extremely hot demon??? It’s a really delightful fun and silly book with some strong emotional underpinnings for anyone who remembers what it was like to be in their early 20s and make bad decisions…and then turn them around in the sweetest way.

It’s live now, on Amazon, and in KU up through early Jan, whereupon I’ll make it live everywhere else.



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