Dragon’s Captive: Playlist Chat pt 1

Dragon’s Captive is out now! (It’s out under Cassie Lockharte, Kara and I’s new pen-name!)

And as y’all may or may not know, I listen to a tonnnnn of songs when I’m getting ready to write a book, and oftentimes right before the writing. (Actually writing? I can only listen to ocean sounds or white noice, the lyrics get too distracting.)

But I rely really heavily on the right music to get me into the mood, so I thought I’d share some of those songs with y’all because making a massive playlist is half the fun ;).  Here’s the full playlists on Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube, and I’ll be linking to youtube here because videos are fun :D.

First off! Beautiful Crime by Tamer!

I must have listened to this song roughly…one thousand times when I was writing Dragon’s Captive.

No, I am not kidding.

You see — I need to be in a certain mood for whatever I’m writing. Like, my job (as a nurse) is stressful, real life is stressful (right now, everyone’s is, I know) but when I want to speed-write (which is always!) I need to downshift and get the eff outta my own head and into the world of the book. So most books eventually have their own Theme Song for me, and this is Dragon’s Captive’s.

It’s got everything I love in a rock song — it’s a tortured as hell bombastic ballad, the words are great, the rise and the fall — it’s so melancholy and embodies so much longing, which are part of the feelings I really wanted Dragon’s Captive to convey.

(As an aside, I super fell in love with this song and…this is literally the only song by this artist, with the exception of an instrumental that I also like. It’s so strange, I expected them to have an album or tours or something, all I want to do is give this man more money to sing…but no. Just one perfect song and done. So sad, but sometimes art is like that.)

Next up!

So this is such an obvious choice, I mean it’s called ‘Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea’ and everything, and Rax is a sea dragon…and its lyrics are also super perfect. A tortured man, a captured girl, and it still has all that aching and longing that I always want my books to have. Sometimes perfect songs just fall into your lap, and you’re all, “Yes, I am accidentally writing this book” and here we are.

Onward! SYML – Where’s My Love (the alternate piano version):

So Rax has lived for 800 years, right? He’s had ample time to get good at doing basically anything he wants, and I love it when characters with the capacity for violence have a softness inside of them, which is why I gave him a piano. I think, too, that having a way to express yourself in a non-threatening fashion is good. I imagine if you were tightly wound and lonely, playing an instrument would give you a safe outlet for your emotions.

A ton of SYML songs have great piano lines, so it was kind of a tough choice to pick the one that was most perfect for this book (and there are other ones on this playlist) but the piano version of this song, I can so totally envision Rax playing it and Sammy listening to it down below, wondering if it’s safe to come up or not.

Okay, time to get to this current book’s playlist, and get writing — more later!

— Cassie

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