Dragon’s Captive IS OUT!!!!

Dragon’s Captive IS OUT!!!!! (This is under Kara and I’s new combo pen name! ;D)

Sammy O’Connor didn’t mean to steal a dragon’s necklace…she just kind of did.

Little did she know that viciously hot and muscled Rax Janvier would come to claim it — and her — and that he would be willing to do anything to get it back. It’s a fragment of a key that opens up a lock to his past — and hers.

Can she survive being kidnapped by a sea dragon who’s obsessed with her? And what happens if she starts to want him back?

Like all women of a certain age, I imprinted heavily on Beauty and the Beast — brunette girls who liked books, taming kinda-jerky-monstrous-men, and becoming princesses? Sign me up! But after growing up (and going through one older ex-husband) I knew personally that it shouldn’t be #lifegoals.


Then Kara and I started to kick around ideas for a new book in our series. I was on a road trip, prime thinking-time for me, and I started making a mental list of things I hadn’t gotten to write about yet, things that I (possibly shamefully!) still loved…and Beauty and the Beast was right there at the top.

I knew I couldn’t pull off the same ol’ same innocence the original had about it’s situation — I’ve lived too much life for that.

But I realized I could write a version of it as my own, and suddenly these characters just started unspooling in my mind: Sammy, with her love of cars and obsession with serial killers (so much so that she’s pretty sure Rax is one, when he abducts her.) She’s stronger than Belle, tougher, and she’s been through a whole lot more — her parents were murdered when she was a child, an incident she still has PTSD from. And Rax, the dragon-shifter, who isn’t as beastly as he used to be, because his dragon was magically torn from him as a punishment, to guard a Gate holding back monsters below the sea.

When Sammy accidentally finds a necklace that belongs to Rax, that’s a long-lost piece of the key to the Gate his dragon guards, Rax knows he needs it back — even if it comes with the girl. A girl who unabashedly hates him, and tries to kill him more than once…which is something he grudgingly has to respect.

And as for Sammy — she’s so pissed at Rax for kidnapping her she can’t see straight — until she realizes that the monsters behind the Gate his dragon guards might have been the same ones that killed her family.

Neither of them could claim to want a relationship, especially not with each other, and definitely not like this, but there’s something about the other’s proximity….

They’re both beautifully broken — and they just might be the right people to put each other back together.

Who doesn’t want adventure in the great wide somewhere?

PS: Dragon’s Captive also includes steamy sex, and an amazing HEA.

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