Dragon Called is out in the WILD



hello Cassie RN!

Check it out guys! Dragon Called is out in the WILD and already getting crazy good reviews!

It’s about billionaire dragon-shifter Damian Blackwood and Chinese nurse Andi Ngo (and it’s double own-voices, ’cause I’m a nurse and Kara’s Chinese) and the extreme circumstances that pull them together, despite the fact that their relationship’s unlikely in the extreme, because she’s human — and she knows his secret.

In celebration of this though, our release week, we’re doing some fun things, read on!

I’m gonna do a Facebook Live!


I just tried it out yesterday to make sure the internet would work out there and it totally does. So I’ll show y’all all my plants and talk about Dragon Called (and nursing stuff? if people have questions?) for as long as anyone’s interested and Facebook lets me ;). It’ll be at 11 am PST tomorrow, on my CassieAlexanderAuthor page on Facebook.

Kara’s gonna help me figure out how to give away some paperback copies during it as well! D

Now onto Dragon Destined’s cover reveal giveawayyyyy! :D

That’s right, book one just came out, and it’s already time to pimp book 2, what’s up with that?

It’s because we’re doing a fast release of books 1-3 (and possibly four, if my wrists hold out ;)) with a book coming out every two weeks!

I know some people may be nervous about committing before the whole series is done (there’ll be 6 books total). To that, I say: You need this escapism now, and I totally got you. I love Andi and Damian like they’re part of me, pretty much because they are. These books are what I think about right before I go to bed, and right before I wake up, and I feel so happy and honored to get to work on a project that thrills me right down to my toes. I’ve been writing 5,000 – 8,000 words a day on these on my off days (and managing 2,000 on the days that I’m at work, on break and once I get home.) I am obsessed with these books. I’ve been writing for 23 years now and I’ve never felt like this about a series before, that I’m just writing the thing that I was meant to. It’s spectacular.

I know that sounds weird (unless you’re another creative type, whereupon hello!) — just — trust me that if you like that cover for book 1, you’re gonna like that book. And if you like book 1 you’re gonna want to read alllllll of the rest of them.

And if you’d like someone else to tell you all the reasons you’re gonna like this book, here’s reviewer Margaret Adelle’s youtube review of Dragon Called which is like the best review an author could ask for, honestly :D

Okay — back to it, I gotta put in some more words! Hopefully I’ll see some of y’all on tomorrow’s thing on Facebook, if not though, I’ll link to it in a future newsletter too :D



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