Bunch of awesome free books, including Dark Ink Tattoo!

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Hey y’all!

I know it’s relatively close to my last newsletter, but a girl’s gotta newsletter when she has days off ;) — and also I have a cool thing to share with y’all! (Not to mention a photo of my biggest tattoo, should you read down far enough.)

My partner/coauthor-in-crime Kara Lockharte belongs to a group, the Wolf Pack, that kindly invited me to do a thing with them and I jumped on the chance! So here’s the deets:

If you click on that graphic, or HERE, it’ll take you to a landing page with a TON of good books for freeeeee.

I went ahead and am offering up my whole entire Dark Ink Tattoo series — it’s 15 books of goodness — as my part of it. Dark Ink Tattoo is about a vampire, Jack, who works at an all night tattoo shop in Vegas, who’s hopelessly in love with his boss Angela, who’s a werewolf with problems of her own. Because I believe in book honesty — Dark Ink Tattoo is like Sons of Anarchy, only if everyone involved is a vampire or werewolf, bisexual and kinky. (I ain’t lying. There’s something for everyone in those books, lol. And they can be a little intense. In a good way. You can always skip the sex scenes and just read for the plot tho! ;))

Here’s a link to just Dark Ink Tattoo since Kara’s assisstant made me a nice graphic:

It’s currently ranked (ridiculously???) high in the Amazon store right now, and none of those people got warnings, so hopefully they like it anyhow, *fingers crossed*.

Seeing as usually I only write about things I know about — witness so many of my characters being nurses — what gave me the idea I could write a whole series about a vampire tattoo artist?

I have…a lot of tattoos. (None of which are “where a judge can see them,” as per my arrangement with my current-lawyer-husband.)

After I finished nursing school, and after having divorced my ex halfway thru, with all the drama that entailed, I felt like I wanted a fresh start. So I went to a friend of mine who’d done some smaller pieces on me and told her what I wanted: peacock feather angel wings.

She eyed me hard — told me she hated wing projects, everyone got tired of getting tattooed and backed out when they couldn’t afford them anymore, etc etc etc. But the idea of the peacock feathers intrigued her, so she told me she’d do it only if I promised to never, ever, cancel. We pinkie swore, and here’s the most PG version I have of the result:

(This is a photo of me at Viva Las Vegas, entering a tattoo competition btw. I lost to a guy who had Johnny Cash’s face tattooed on his cheek.)

Other things for Dark Ink Tattoo: I also loved Vegas (I hate to put that in past tense, because who knows what it’ll be in the future, but I did love it) and my ex was actually in a motorcycle club…that peony there is a cover-up of the matching tattoo I used to have with him. (Never, ever, get matching tattoos ,with ANYONE, lol.) And it features my old beloved cat Desmo in it as Jack’s Siamese cat, Sugar.

As you can guess, getting these done took forever, and there was always something my artist could be working on, so she’d call me any time anyone cancelled on her and I’d fill in. She also took me to local tattoo shows so she could work on something in public without having to talk to people, heh.

So yeah! If you wanna read 250,000 words of fast-plotted hotness, download all the Dark Ink Tattoos sometime this week — and check everyone else on the Wolf Pack out! :D

I’ll be back to announce us releasing Dragon Called with it’s special newsletter-peoples-only rate sometime the first week of May. Take care of all yourselves until then! <3

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  1. Cassie, Just received Deadshifted and Bloodshifted in the mail (totally old school!) I love your writing and your imagination.

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