Dragon Called — first book in a new series with Kara Lockharte!

Hey world, it has been awhile! Sorry for not being here, life happened for along time there — and just as I was getting my writing act back together, working on this series with writer extraordinaire Kara Lockharte that I’m super happy to be releasing soon, the pandemic happened, aie! I’m still a nurse, and things are getting pretty damn real out here in California, alas, so good news/bad news — but good news first!

The good news — this book is THE BOMB.

I know I’m biased. But…it’s so good. It’s so delicious and good. It is as good as the man on the cover has many, many abs, it is that good.

cover of Dragon Called

cover of Dragon Called!

And what’s more is you can pre-order it hereeeeeeee!

It’s a really hot paranormal shifter romance about a billionare dragon-shifter and the nurse he can’t get enough of ;). Click the link and check out the blurb — people who preorder are going to get an extra ‘hot’ scene in their book ;).

Now for the real-life news — work is getting worky. My floor’s been divided into two halves, and the covid wing is filling up. It’s pretty dang scary to be taking care of people who are super sick and who have a disease for which there is no cure. We’re not as bad as NYC or LA right now, but while we’ve slowed the wave some up here in the Bay Area, we all know it’s coming. I’m in a (very rare) good mood right now so I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of things, but if you remember who I am at all you know I’m a straight shooter, so please, please and I mean it, stay home as best you are able and if you go out, go out with a mask and gloves. I want us all to make it through this, together, all right? Social isolation is the only way to go.

Stay home and read instead! <3


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