Dark Ink Tattoo Episode 2 is out!

I’ve been swamped with work ever since it got released, but now I have a day off to crow — Dark Ink Tattoo Episode 2 is out!

If you haven’t gotten episode one yet, I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m offering it for free if you join my mailing list right now. The link to the mailing list should be to your left on the screen right now even — one-stop shopping!

If you’re already a faithful mailing list member, ping me and I’ll send you the link for your own free copy :D.

In other news, I started another part time job at work on top of my already part time work-work, which is combining to be some sort of Voltron-Cassie who is at work Too Much. The second job is helping develop computer training curriculum and then training nurses on it, but it’s been rough so far — people aren’t really excited about our charting changing, which I totally feel as a bedside RN, but we gotta keep with the times.

I’m on my way out to a writing retreat in Big Sur shortly, before I really am expected to be full time for the rest of the summer, so I hope to get a lot of fresh writing done. I’m a 100k into Dark Ink Tattoo, I should finish episode 6 tomorrow, and it’s gonna be at least ten episodes long. I’m glad I’m releasing it episodically, it’s been fun to get to play with each chunk, and it’s nice to have a feeling of forward momentum on something even when my writing time is so piecemeal currently.

I’ll be back with pretty coastline pictures shortly, promise :D

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