punching things out, in a good way ;)

wrapped hand


That’s my hand! All wrapped up for boxing! I just started today, but I can already tell I’m gonna love it. I used to do TKD as a kid and I was pretty good at it at the time. I’d always wanted to incorporate a martial art back into my life, but all the Asian ones seem to do a lot of knee stuff, and my knees are not what they used to be (likely because of TKD as a kid, heh). Anyhow — there’s a boxing gym a few blocks away from where I do yoga now, and I dropped in and had a really great time — and it’s so much more cardio for me than yoga or the treadmill desk. I’m very stoked and I’ll definitely keep going — punching things is bizarrely therapeutic.

As for punching out other things — The Haunted is going to be free on the 4th! (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again when its time ;)) — and my Sleeping with Monsters box set is out now — if you wind up liking The Haunted, it’ll let you get the other two slightly on sale.

I’m up to 40k now in my latest project and it’s coming along nicely. And tomorrow I head off to go see my folks for a few days and take a break from working too hard (at work. The writing’s coming with me, heh.).

More soon! :D


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