more Moonshifted reviews and The Next Big Thing

hey all! I hope you liked the comic from this morning :D

Between yesterday’s lament and today I have managed to do two guest blog posts. Phew. Still more to go though.

Here’s some awesome reviews of Moonshifted though to cheer me up with ;).

Book Sake reviews Moonshifted (nurses reading my books is pretty much my favorite thing, ever)

Angie of Angie-ville shouts out Nightshifted and Moonshifted (among other great books!) at Booksmugglers

I talked to Kristin at My Bookish Ways about Moonshifted

And Urban Fantasy Investigations investigates Moonshifted and finds it good! ;)

I also got tagged for the Next Big Thing meme (by both the lovely Ellie James and Allison Moon) that’s going around the internet right now, and I could use a break from writing Deadshifted for a bit, so here goes:

1) Title of my current book:

Moonshifted! (Minus the exclamation point. I always put it in there because I’m very excited to get to show it to people at long last.)

2) Where did the idea come from for the book:

After I’d finished writing Nightshifted and started shipping it around to agents, I got all these great ideas for what became the intro to Moonshifted. I paused out while I was waiting for responses back, but I knew I wanted to focus in more on Edie’s family and talk about werewolves right from the start. It was always going to be a werewolf book, it was their turn.

3) What genre is it?

Urban fantasy medical thriller horror. Loosely ;).

4) What actors would you have play people in it?

Why, let me direct you to my pinterest board! (They’re mostly models, but I don’t really think in terms of actors. I wouldn’t care at all what people looked like, as long as they could act.)

5) One sentence synopsis?

Edie gets into trouble again, this time with werewolves, and also some other really crazy — in a good way — shit happens.

(Officially, Edie gets trapped mediating the problems of a werewolf pack when their leader dies and things aren’t really what they seem. I like my other one better tho :P.)

6) Self-published, or agency repped?

Repped by Michelle Brower @ Folio Lit, printed by St. Martins, now in bookstores everywhere!

7) What inspired me to write it?

A deadline and cash. (I would have written it anyways. But the deadline and the dough made it happen in six soulcrushing months. That reality and weirdness that people seem to like about it — that’s fresh soul, smashed on the page.)

8) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?

It has scarificators and cyborgs and werewolf sex.

I should tag other people but I lack the strength — if you’re interested, consider yourself tagged, and holler here and I’ll link over :D.




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