home from Disneyland :D – and Moonshifted launch party infos! :D

There would be pictures, but the process of emailing them to myself off of my phone takes…….forever. And I’m too tired to stay up any later tonight :P ;).

Did I mention I was going to Disneyland? Ah well. Ha. I worked as hard as I could all last week, and even wrote 1400 words on the way down to Disneyland! And then I spent the last two days Disney-ing it up :D. It’d been awhile since I’d gone last, and this time I got to take a ton of friends along, it was a really good time! Despite the weather (inclement) and the crowds (heavy!) we got to do a *ton* of major rides :D. And now I’m home after a long drive home with a very happy lapcat glued to my side ;). (I didn’t write on the way home because we were listening to John Hodgman’s “That is All” on audiobook, which was too hilarious not to listen to.)

I’ve got a few more days off this week, which is amazing. I’m gonna try to get even further into Deadshifted — I have not reached magical send-to-Daniel 50k point yet, but I’m very very near. I can’t wait to show him what I’ve done, I’m very excited to write tomorrow, once I’m fully recuperated.


Hey also! Moonshifted is coming out on 11/27 — if you’re in the Bay Area, I’ll be having a launch party at the Inklings Bookstore at the Capitola Mall that day from 4 – 8 PM. It’ll be a drop-in thing, no big talk or read, just come by and say hi and get your fresh copy of Moonshifted signed! ;)

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