Nightshifted Thank Yous! (pt 1!)

Okay, I can breathe! We’re at Wiscon now, and we went with roomservice tonight — I feel like we’re finally getting a chance to celebrate :D. (For those of y’all who weren’t on twitter with me on Tues night, I got to eat a ‘celebratory’ Burger King meal since I was still hipdeep in Shapeshifted edits and had no time to go outside ;P ;))

I wanted to shout a few blogs and interviews and things out for being so awesome earlier on in the week — and some of these blogs have Nightshifted giveaways still pending, so if you want to win a copy, here’s your chance!

Ferrett is a friend of mine, I’ll admit — but he still has good taste in books. What’s more, is he wouldn’t lie ;). He wrote a  Nightshifted review, and it’s pretty much the kind of review I’ll read three times to make sure it’s really real, convince myself it isn’t real, then reread it later and be amazed I have such awesome friends who get my writing.

Sally at the Qwillery was the very first person to ever approach me about anything Nightshifted-related ever! And so she has a special place in my heart :D — I’ve got an interview up at her website, and a Nightshifted giveaway, and Nightshifted’s cover won her May release cover competition! :D

Beth Cato interviewed me for her blog, and she’s awesome, I’ll be interviewing her coming up soon too! :D

And Ishita at the Reading Fish is doing a birthday bash for books being released in May — with an interview up! and a giveaway!

Lawrence Schoen has me over at Eating Authors — where I profess my love for chicken fried steak from George’s in Waco ;).

And over at Writer’s Digest I talk about how I found my agent. For those that haven’t heard the saga (and it was a saga!) it might be inspirational. Or extraordinarily painful. One of those two ;).

And Love for Books has an interview I did translated into Romanian. I’m sad she doesn’t have an English language version up, her questions were awesome :D.

And last but not least, I talked about Writing What You Know for Shimmer magazine.

I’ve got a few more promotional things rolling in in the next few days, I’m not all done yet. But I wanted to get at least partially caught up here lest I seem ungrateful. I’ve been super amazed and pleased and thrilled and mystified. It’s very weird that people are out there reading Nightshifted. I finally sort of started to get it last night, when I was done with editing and I could pick up a copy that I’d bought, and there was this recursive loop, sort of like when little kids like to see themselves in a mirror. A “holy cow, that’s my book!” moment. I have to admit, it was pretty dang cool :D.

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