Dragon Called is free for 48 more hours!!!!

🔥🔥🔥 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐆𝐎𝐍 𝐂𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐃 is currently FREE on Amazon! 🔥🔥🔥

dragon called cover for free promo

Dragon Called is F R E E on Amazon for the next 48 hours!!!!! (As a lead in to Dragon Mated coming out on 10/13!!!) Go download it right now if you haven’t yet!!!! :D :D :D

If you are interested in this man’s abs (and who isn’t?) you should know that the book also includes:

❤️ ansgty romance

❤️ brooding hot mysterious billionaire

🐈 his magical talking cat

❤️ spooky castle

❤️ feisty nurse heroine

🔥 HOT sexy times (but not with the cat)

❤️ an HEA worth waiting for

Dragon Fated, live!

I forgot to post here earlier, *facepalm!*

Dragon Fated, the third book in Kara Lockharte and I’s ‘Prince of the Other Realms’ series is now out on Amazon! :D

It’s already gotten a ton of good reviews — and obviously, if you liked the first two, you’ll love it as well! :D

Dragon Destined is out now!!!!!

Hello lovely readers!

Dragon Destined, the 2nd book in Kara Lockharte and I’s Prince of the Other Realms series, is NOW OUT ON AMAZONNNNN!

If you liked the first book or you like the looks of this cover (which this book TOTALLY DELIVERS ON, I SO PROMISE, muhahahaha) then you should click through and check it out! :D

Dragon Called is out in the WILD



hello Cassie RN!

Check it out guys! Dragon Called is out in the WILD and already getting crazy good reviews!

It’s about billionaire dragon-shifter Damian Blackwood and Chinese nurse Andi Ngo (and it’s double own-voices, ’cause I’m a nurse and Kara’s Chinese) and the extreme circumstances that pull them together, despite the fact that their relationship’s unlikely in the extreme, because she’s human — and she knows his secret.

In celebration of this though, our release week, we’re doing some fun things, read on!

I’m gonna do a Facebook Live!


I just tried it out yesterday to make sure the internet would work out there and it totally does. So I’ll show y’all all my plants and talk about Dragon Called (and nursing stuff? if people have questions?) for as long as anyone’s interested and Facebook lets me ;). It’ll be at 11 am PST tomorrow, on my CassieAlexanderAuthor page on Facebook.

Kara’s gonna help me figure out how to give away some paperback copies during it as well! D

Now onto Dragon Destined’s cover reveal giveawayyyyy! :D

That’s right, book one just came out, and it’s already time to pimp book 2, what’s up with that?

It’s because we’re doing a fast release of books 1-3 (and possibly four, if my wrists hold out ;)) with a book coming out every two weeks!

I know some people may be nervous about committing before the whole series is done (there’ll be 6 books total). To that, I say: You need this escapism now, and I totally got you. I love Andi and Damian like they’re part of me, pretty much because they are. These books are what I think about right before I go to bed, and right before I wake up, and I feel so happy and honored to get to work on a project that thrills me right down to my toes. I’ve been writing 5,000 – 8,000 words a day on these on my off days (and managing 2,000 on the days that I’m at work, on break and once I get home.) I am obsessed with these books. I’ve been writing for 23 years now and I’ve never felt like this about a series before, that I’m just writing the thing that I was meant to. It’s spectacular.

I know that sounds weird (unless you’re another creative type, whereupon hello!) — just — trust me that if you like that cover for book 1, you’re gonna like that book. And if you like book 1 you’re gonna want to read alllllll of the rest of them.

And if you’d like someone else to tell you all the reasons you’re gonna like this book, here’s reviewer Margaret Adelle’s youtube review of Dragon Called which is like the best review an author could ask for, honestly :D

Okay — back to it, I gotta put in some more words! Hopefully I’ll see some of y’all on tomorrow’s thing on Facebook, if not though, I’ll link to it in a future newsletter too :D



Bunch of awesome free books, including Dark Ink Tattoo!

hello from Cassie RN!

Hey y’all!

I know it’s relatively close to my last newsletter, but a girl’s gotta newsletter when she has days off ;) — and also I have a cool thing to share with y’all! (Not to mention a photo of my biggest tattoo, should you read down far enough.)

My partner/coauthor-in-crime Kara Lockharte belongs to a group, the Wolf Pack, that kindly invited me to do a thing with them and I jumped on the chance! So here’s the deets:

If you click on that graphic, or HERE, it’ll take you to a landing page with a TON of good books for freeeeee.

I went ahead and am offering up my whole entire Dark Ink Tattoo series — it’s 15 books of goodness — as my part of it. Dark Ink Tattoo is about a vampire, Jack, who works at an all night tattoo shop in Vegas, who’s hopelessly in love with his boss Angela, who’s a werewolf with problems of her own. Because I believe in book honesty — Dark Ink Tattoo is like Sons of Anarchy, only if everyone involved is a vampire or werewolf, bisexual and kinky. (I ain’t lying. There’s something for everyone in those books, lol. And they can be a little intense. In a good way. You can always skip the sex scenes and just read for the plot tho! ;))

Here’s a link to just Dark Ink Tattoo since Kara’s assisstant made me a nice graphic:

It’s currently ranked (ridiculously???) high in the Amazon store right now, and none of those people got warnings, so hopefully they like it anyhow, *fingers crossed*.

Seeing as usually I only write about things I know about — witness so many of my characters being nurses — what gave me the idea I could write a whole series about a vampire tattoo artist?

I have…a lot of tattoos. (None of which are “where a judge can see them,” as per my arrangement with my current-lawyer-husband.)

After I finished nursing school, and after having divorced my ex halfway thru, with all the drama that entailed, I felt like I wanted a fresh start. So I went to a friend of mine who’d done some smaller pieces on me and told her what I wanted: peacock feather angel wings.

She eyed me hard — told me she hated wing projects, everyone got tired of getting tattooed and backed out when they couldn’t afford them anymore, etc etc etc. But the idea of the peacock feathers intrigued her, so she told me she’d do it only if I promised to never, ever, cancel. We pinkie swore, and here’s the most PG version I have of the result:

(This is a photo of me at Viva Las Vegas, entering a tattoo competition btw. I lost to a guy who had Johnny Cash’s face tattooed on his cheek.)

Other things for Dark Ink Tattoo: I also loved Vegas (I hate to put that in past tense, because who knows what it’ll be in the future, but I did love it) and my ex was actually in a motorcycle club…that peony there is a cover-up of the matching tattoo I used to have with him. (Never, ever, get matching tattoos ,with ANYONE, lol.) And it features my old beloved cat Desmo in it as Jack’s Siamese cat, Sugar.

As you can guess, getting these done took forever, and there was always something my artist could be working on, so she’d call me any time anyone cancelled on her and I’d fill in. She also took me to local tattoo shows so she could work on something in public without having to talk to people, heh.

So yeah! If you wanna read 250,000 words of fast-plotted hotness, download all the Dark Ink Tattoos sometime this week — and check everyone else on the Wolf Pack out! :D

I’ll be back to announce us releasing Dragon Called with it’s special newsletter-peoples-only rate sometime the first week of May. Take care of all yourselves until then! <3

Dragon Called — first book in a new series with Kara Lockharte!

Hey world, it has been awhile! Sorry for not being here, life happened for along time there — and just as I was getting my writing act back together, working on this series with writer extraordinaire Kara Lockharte that I’m super happy to be releasing soon, the pandemic happened, aie! I’m still a nurse, and things are getting pretty damn real out here in California, alas, so good news/bad news — but good news first!

The good news — this book is THE BOMB.

I know I’m biased. But…it’s so good. It’s so delicious and good. It is as good as the man on the cover has many, many abs, it is that good.

cover of Dragon Called

cover of Dragon Called!

And what’s more is you can pre-order it hereeeeeeee!

It’s a really hot paranormal shifter romance about a billionare dragon-shifter and the nurse he can’t get enough of ;). Click the link and check out the blurb — people who preorder are going to get an extra ‘hot’ scene in their book ;).

Now for the real-life news — work is getting worky. My floor’s been divided into two halves, and the covid wing is filling up. It’s pretty dang scary to be taking care of people who are super sick and who have a disease for which there is no cure. We’re not as bad as NYC or LA right now, but while we’ve slowed the wave some up here in the Bay Area, we all know it’s coming. I’m in a (very rare) good mood right now so I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of things, but if you remember who I am at all you know I’m a straight shooter, so please, please and I mean it, stay home as best you are able and if you go out, go out with a mask and gloves. I want us all to make it through this, together, all right? Social isolation is the only way to go.

Stay home and read instead! <3


Scandalous Spirited Reads —

What’s that feeling in the air? Is it…Fall? Ha — the weather’s been so mild this year compared to last year, I’ve been ready for Halloween candy since July! :D

And in the spirit of getting free candy — or free reads! — when you ask for them, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of other authors for a fun giveaway! :D


Scandalous Spirited Reads
are going to help you STUFF YOUR eREADER

That’s right, we’re hosting a bumper FREE books and $0.99 BARGAIN
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To celebrate we’re offering you the chance to WIN a $200 Amazon Gift Card
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By sharing this competition with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Linked In –
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Good luck!!!!!!!

The Haunted, briefly free! :D

I should’ve mentioned this here earlier — but The Haunted is free on Amazon till midnight tonight, PST! :D

Haunted Final Cover

And also my omnibus of Dark Ink Tattoo Episodes 1-3 is out! :D

Dark Ink Tattoo Box Set 1 - med

Life has been pretty dang lifey, lately, and I’ve been writing a ton :D — I’ve been much better about updating my newsletter than updating here, so if you’d like to keep track of me/new releases, it’s easier to sign up here: Cassie’s Mailing List — if you sign up, you can even get a copy of Dark Ink Tattoo Episode 1 for free! :D


Dark Ink Tattoo Episode 2 is out!

I’ve been swamped with work ever since it got released, but now I have a day off to crow — Dark Ink Tattoo Episode 2 is out!

If you haven’t gotten episode one yet, I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m offering it for free if you join my mailing list right now. The link to the mailing list should be to your left on the screen right now even — one-stop shopping!

If you’re already a faithful mailing list member, ping me and I’ll send you the link for your own free copy :D.

In other news, I started another part time job at work on top of my already part time work-work, which is combining to be some sort of Voltron-Cassie who is at work Too Much. The second job is helping develop computer training curriculum and then training nurses on it, but it’s been rough so far — people aren’t really excited about our charting changing, which I totally feel as a bedside RN, but we gotta keep with the times.

I’m on my way out to a writing retreat in Big Sur shortly, before I really am expected to be full time for the rest of the summer, so I hope to get a lot of fresh writing done. I’m a 100k into Dark Ink Tattoo, I should finish episode 6 tomorrow, and it’s gonna be at least ten episodes long. I’m glad I’m releasing it episodically, it’s been fun to get to play with each chunk, and it’s nice to have a feeling of forward momentum on something even when my writing time is so piecemeal currently.

I’ll be back with pretty coastline pictures shortly, promise :D